This life brought to you by the kindness of

by Jeff Oaks

Francia Roe. Judith Kitchen. Joan Baranow. Liz Rosenberg. Milt Kessler. Galway Kinnell. Jack Vernon. Andy Tang. Heidi Rosenberg. Ellen Whittier. Deb Oestreicher. Peter Temes. Sam Truitt. Judas Mary Ellen Riley. Patrick Mansfield. Patricia Goedicke. Mark Medvetz. Gennie Nord. Lee Friedrich. Todd Frederickson. Paul Zarsisky. Lynn Emanuel. Ed Ochester. Maggie Anderson. Pat Dobler. Deb Pursifull. Geeta Kothari. Jan Beatty. Beth Newborg. Pat Harrington-Wysor. Jen Matesa. Phil Orr. Paul Allison. Kit Ayars. Jim Zukowski. Barbara McCarthy. Donna Dunbar-Odom. Toi Derricotte. Sharon McDermott. Barbara Edelman. Liz Ahl. Rob Casper. Brandon Som. Stacey Waite. Ellen Smith. Ed Steck. Paul Seigell. Jan Freeman. Judy Vollmer. Carl Phillips. Ron Mohring. Jeff Wisniewski. Paul Lyons. Noah Stetzer. Tony Hoagland. Deb Bogen. Jenny Johnson. Michael Montlack.

There are others, of course. This is a short list of the most important people, those who have taught me, pushed me, encouraged me, and challenged me these three decades I’ve been trying to be and remain a writer. Whose kindness has been vital. There have also been thousands of students, scores of graduate students, dozens of editors and fellow poets, all of whom have been important in some way or another.

Some part of this blog will be about remembering, so I thought it would be nice to name names.

Once a week, I’m going to use part of this blog to write about poets and writers whose work I love. I’m already making that list for another post.