Cats: a History

by Jeff Oaks

Cats: a history

Names: Fluffy. Whitey. Morris. Mr. Bones. Killer. Smoky. Isis. Simon. Lucy. Baby.

Died: Old age. Not sure. Car. Old age. Car. Old age. Don’t remember. Liver Disease. Surrendered. Still alive.

Where: At home. On the roof. Not sure. Route 14. Under the porch next door, Church Street. At home. No idea. Cat Clinic. Animal Rescue, a return. Don’t ask.

Kind: Gray Tabby. Albino. Orange. Maine Coon. Orange. Siamese. Gray Tabby. Orange. White. Gray Tabby.

Whose: Ours. Ours. Theirs. Theirs. Ours. Theirs. Mine. Mine. Mine. Hers.

Fur Type: Long-haired. Short. Short. Long. Short. Short. Short. Short. Short. Short.

Zone: House. Outside. Outside. Outside. Outside. House. House. House. House. House.

Remembered For: Loved being brushed. Kept his distance. Played with water in the sink. Left headless things on the porch, on the stairs, in shoes, in the morning. Kept the Dobermans in their place. Used to attack my hand. Grew nervous around my adolescence. Touched lightly my dreaming eyelids in the morning. Chewed wires, a mess. The last cat in our family.

How: Quietly. Quietly. I didn’t see. I had to leave. Broke my heart. I didn’t see. I don’t remember. Broke my heart; I had to leave. Returned to Animal Rescue. Don’t ask.