Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Shutdown

by Jeff Oaks

A) If there’s no danger of certain congresspersons being voted out of office, why should they be worried or negotiate?

B) If the goal is to make the government look foolish, then why not shut it down so people can see how foolish it is?

C) Boehner could in one move make all of this go away, but he will be burned alive in his next election; still, he’ll undoubtedly be given a much higher paying job as a lobbyist or CEO of a major company then. Win, win. So what’s holding him back? Is he secretly a performance artist working on a large-scale cultural canvas? Are his children being held hostage?

D) Anarchy is mainstream now. Now what?

E) No path but the sociopath.

F) Have the right-wing truckers threatening to shut down DC considered that this all might be a way to take their ridiculous bumper stickered trucks off the road?

G) The silence is erotic at first. The trick is when to touch your opponent/lover at last. What to touch first. How to avoid violence.

H) It is not enough to hate a man. You must hate the country who voted for him, and punish it until it repents its decision.

I) I wonder what the politicians are reading in these days? What are the poets writing for them to read?

J) What would the Romans do?

K) All Children Left Behind.

L) What group might stun the Capitol into speech? A Million silent clowns? Ten million silent teenagers? Twenty million babies abandoned on the mall?

M) A Mean While. A Demon-stration.