Pitt In Edinburgh: a dictionary 

by Jeff Oaks

It’s finally raining in Edinburgh. We were warned it might be constantly raining or misty or precipitating in some way, but we’ve had wonderful weather, somewhere between 50 to 75 most days. Some days have been glorious sunny and bright, some have been more overcast, but this is really the first day of the kind of rain I was expecting. It’s almost a relief. We’ve also had two full days off from our schedule of museums, buildings, and trips. 

The students’ entries at the class blog have been building up, creating, I hope, a sense of how this trip is making them think differently, reconsider their expectations and stereotypes of The Scots, and challenge themselves to be braver. If you’re interested, click on Pitt In Edinburgh and you can read what they’ve been doing for the last few months.  This week and weekend, they’ll be writing and publishing an Edinburgh Dictionary–short pieces that revolve around an encounter that starts with a particular letter.