Are You Ready to Revise: some signs

Going to Staples to buy a lot of unnecessary crap, only to find out you don’t actually want anything but some post-its and a new legal pad.
Listening to classical music station instead of NPR or the Comedy Channel on Sirius because they aren’t serious enough.

Wanting to eat an entire birthday cake. Drinking water instead.

Wearing yesterday’s clothes because they’re close and still clean. No interest in the shower.

Days of aimless driving. Mornings filled with sudoku. Loading and unloading the dishwasher with a feeling akin to pleasure. 

Making a video of that last leaf on the tree spinning in the wintering winds. Posting it on Facebook. Leaving it there to prove something.

Checking your bank account obsessively.

Forgetting the names of common household objects and people you’ve known for years. 

Even the dog turns away from your too tight hugs. He jumps off the couch and joins your husband in the kitchen. 

You think they’re both both growing worried about you.